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We specialise in legal assistance to start-up businesses, starting from the implementation of innovative project through attracting investors until the exit from the investment.



Do you have a great idea, but do not know where to start..?


Do you need cash to get going, but do not know whom to ask for money and how to do it?


You have already found an investor, and now you want to identify a solution that would be the most secure for you? Or perhaps you want to exit from an investment?

Mergers and Acquisitions


Are you planning to acquire a business or a company? Are you looking for a solution that would be the most effective one from the legal and financial points of view?


In cooperation with a team of tax and finance advisors, we will find the optimum solution. Also, if you would like to sell a business, we will identify possible risks associated with the sale and develop scenarios aimed at minimising any such risks.

We offer legal analysis and assistance in the acquisition of shares, businesses, and assets. We merge, restructure, and split companies.

We help our clients to set up and wind up businesses. We offer assistance with respect to the company’s internal regulations and the operational procedures of its governing bodies. We also prepare corporate structures for tax purposes.



Good organisation is fundamental to business activity. It is an indisputable fact that well-organised companies perform better. Would you like to focus on your business objectives rather than wonder how to organise the operation of your enterprise?

Real Estate


Do you own real estate or hold it under perpetual lease?


Would you like to sell or buy it? Would you like to use it to secure a loan? Or maybe you would like to lease it out?

We provide comprehensive legal services related to the purchase, sale, renting and leasing of real estate. We also offer assistance in all mortgage-related matters.

We draft and negotiate construction contracts to help investors, contractors, and sub-contractors to protect their interests.

Construction Contracts


You have completed a construction contract, but the investor refuses to take over the works, is trying to discover faults and defects to avoid payment. Sounds familiar?


Or maybe you are an investor who has hired a contractor who fails to comply with the terms of the contract, never meeting the deadlines despite contractual penalties?

Business Abroad


Have you got a thriving business that you would like to expand abroad?


You do not know which country to choose? Or perhaps you have made your choice already and now you would like to get detailed information about the business environment and legal framework in the chosen country?


Or have you got a business abroad that you would like to expand to Poland?

We help you to choose a location for your business that would be optimal in terms of legislation and tax. We set up and provide services to businesses located abroad.

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